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Specialized in structural repair, CFRP strengthening and waterproofing services

UFT Structure Re-Engineering Sdn. Bhd is a firm specialized in structural repair, CFRP strengthening and waterproofing services to its clients. Due to the increasing demand for construction chemical and material, UFT Structure Re-Engineering Sdn Bhd is formed in 1997 to handle services like structural repairing, waterproofing and relevant scope of works.

Our Services

We are specialist applicators in the following fields

Concrete repair

We are familiar with cementitious and epoxy repair. Our experience includes epoxy injection, honeycomb repair, grouting and corrosion induced repair.  We are also involved in carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) in the strengthening of structures.

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Industrial Flooring

Our workmen are trained to install epoxy and PU flooring ranging from roller applied coatings to self leveling floors. UFT is currently the largest floor hardener applicator in the southern region. Currently we are introducing rapid dry flooring technology to the market.

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We have carried out the entire range of waterproofing products through our successful projects over the past 9 years. We are also able to advise on the selection of waterproofing products.

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Construction Chemicals

UFT is also involved in construction chemicals and is a distributor for all kinds of chemicals such as sealants, admixtures, form oil, curing compounds and protective coatings.

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