Structural Repairs


Pressure Grouting

Where to apply?

Applications such as at slab concrete, column/beam, under floors and structures, and outside of buried structures such as tunnels and pipes.

When to apply?
  • To correct faults in concrete and masonry structures.
  • To reduce the amount of leakage through the rock, and sometimes to strengthen the foundation to support the weight of the overlying structure.
  • To stop leaks, seal cracks, honeycomb and restore strength of cracked concrete.

Concrete Repair to Column

Concrete Repair to Honeycomb

Structure Enlargement

Where to apply?

Applications such as construction, alteration, enlargement, repair,demolition, removal, maintenance and use of all buildings and structures.

When to apply?

Upon request of customer to do alteration/adjustment on the structure of the buildings.

Concrete Repair at Jetty 

Underpinning of Foundation

Where to apply?

Area underneath the load of the foundation is repaired or reinforced.

When to apply?
  • Variety of factors such as weak and unstable soil hat cause foundations to loose stability.
  • Changes in the structure also cause the foundation to loose its support efficiency.