Construction Chemicals




Where to apply?

Applications such as bathrooms, parking decks,bridge decks, under slab, tunnels, foundation walls, kitchens, split tabs, elevator pits, plaza decks and mechanical rooms.

when to apply?

Air, water or fluid leakages occurs

Membrane Waterproofing System

Cementitious Waterproofing System

Liquid Waterproofing Membrane System

Elastomeric Liquid Waterproofing System

Joint Sealant

Where to apply?

Sealing concrete joints in a variety of applications, including sidewalks, balconies, pavement, terraces, warehouses, factories, civil structures, plazas, and pitch pans.

when to apply?
  • Aging/ damaged due to corrosion.
  • Incorrect sealant for application.
  • Joint movement has exceeded the designed movement capabilities of the installed joint sealant.
  • Early joint movement caused by extreme temperature swings has occured during the initial sealant cure cycle and has caused surface wrinkling and/or cracking leading to cohesive sealant failures.
  • Sealant is exhibiting adhesive failure due to dirt, dust, debris, and/or other contaminants present on joint face.

Sealant for Construction Joint

Construction Joint with Aluminium Plate

Expansion Joint Using Combiflex System

Sealant for Crack Lines at Wall

Sealant for Window Joint

Anchor Bolts

Where to apply?

Extensively used on all types of projects, from standard buildings to dams and nuclear power plants. Also used on hollow surfaces such as doors, walls and ceilings.

when to apply?
  • When there is a need to attach objects or structures to concrete. Acts as a fasteners.
  • Damage to the wall due to the mismatched of anchor to the wall material.

Anchor Bolt

Chemical, Epoxy & PU Injections

Where to apply?

Concrete cracks in foundations, retaining walls, concrete slabs, floor slab,basement slab, roof slabs a beam or a column and also applications for tunnel and dam.

when to apply?
  • Concrete fall or honeycomb in a foundation wall.
  • Cracks due to movement, shifting and/or setting.
  • Cracks in concrete structures are formed due to the shrinkage of concrete.
  • Cracks due to soil erosion or poor compaction.

Epoxy Injection

Polyurethane Injection


Where to apply?

To embed rebars in masonry walls, connect sections of pre-cast concrete, fill voids, and seal joints.

when to apply?
  • To fill the spaces between tiles or mosaics, and to secure tile to its base.
  • When crack/leakages is spotted.