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About Us

UFT Structure Re-Engineering Sdn. Bhd (UFT) is a firm specialized in structural repair, CFRP strengthening and waterproofing services to its clients. Due to the increasing demand for construction chemical and material, UFT was formed in 1997 to handle services like demolition works, structure strengthening, structural repairing, waterproofing and relevant specialized scope of works. Structure repair works which include services such as installation of rebar, anchor bolts, leakage treatment, pressure grouting and diamond coring, epoxy injection treatment and carbon fibre reinforcement etc.  Also involves in retailing of construction chemical and specialist equipments.


Since year 2000, UFT also carries out other civil structure construction works including industrial buildings, infrastructure and residential houses. Its main focus remain in problem solving and excelling construction design both in pre-contract, during construction and post contract stages. Analyses and perfecting construction quality and process will always become UFT key challenge.




Scope of work

Our engineers are well aware of the material properties, compatibility problems and application techniques of this trade and can take on complex work including marine and hydraulic structures.

We have professional engineers and a concrete technologist who has been trained in concrete repair and refurbishment, waterproofing and epoxy in various countries and field works.

Besides general civil construction works, we are specialist applicators in the following fields:

  1. RC Structural Works
  2. Steel Structural Works
  3. Concrete repair
  4. Industrial flooring
  5. Waterproofing
  6. Construction chemicals
  7. Relevant building M&E works




Our Mission/Vision :

Our aim is to be recognized by our customers as a reliable specialist of quality products and services that consistently meet their evolving needs.

How we achieve?

  • Understanding our customer requirements & other applicable requirements and ensuring that they are fulfilled.
  • Providing the high standard of service to our customers as well as internal customers within the organization. Teamwork will be the essence of our service.
  • Believing in and adopting the concept of prevention, by Doing it Right First Time, Every Time.
  • Continually improving our process, products and services in our quest to attain excellence.
  • Ensuring that our suppliers are similarly committed to quality improvements.
  • We shall act as a team to constantly maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.



Safe & Health Policy

It is our policy to manage our activities so as to avoid causing unnecessary or of any members of the public who may be affected by our operations.

To achieve the Safety & Healthy Policy, we shall: 

  • Provide a safe healthy working environment for ourselves and our staff in the respective work places.
  • Be accountable for safety and health matters in our areas of responsibility and to act responsibly to prevent harm to others.
  • Import, produce, store, sell, transport products and dispose of waste safety to avoid short or long term effects on people and the environment.
  • Design, construct, implement systems and processes to ensure that our operations comply to all statutory requirements and the Company’s Safety, Health and Environmental standards.
  • Provide information, training and support to our staff, business partners and customers in the safe handling of our products for normal use as well as during emergency situations.


    It is our policy to manage our activities so as to avoid causing unnecessary or of any members of the public who may be affected by our operations.

    Our certificate include: 

    • CIDB Registration
    • Certificate of ISO
    • Safe & Healthy Policy
    • Customer Service Chapter
    • Customer Evaluation Record